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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

I wrote this book because I was baffled by ONE big question…

“Why is it that some Entrepreneurs FAIL and some become RADICAL successes?”

The search to answering this question led me down an amazing journey that took me over a DECADE. Here’s everything I had to do…

  • Dissect my own life in detail…
  • Research the TOP Entrepreneurs to have ever lived (for years)…
  • Interview hundreds of our TOP students at #LurnNation

And, what I finally discovered amazed me…

And inside this book your readers are going to learn this EXACT formula!

My mission for the book is simple: I want to give everyone in the World the power to finally live the life of their dreams. This book will show everyone a 4 step process to finally making their Entrepreneurial dreams coming true!

Today, I want to invite you to help me celebrate the release of my next Best-Selling book: “eSCAPE: The 4 Stages of Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur!”

The best part? Just move FREE copies of the book and earn up to $335.50 commission PER BOOK + HUGE Prizes (Porsches, Mustangs, Fiats, Rolexes, Apple Products & so much more)!

All this … just for giving away my book for FREE!

Easy right?

So, please join us for this epic launch — you know how we do launches — this one will be BIG.

Thank you ahead of time for your support!

Anik Singal

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  • The Main Product: Your customer will get a physical copy of my brand new book, eSCAPE: The 4 Stages To Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur. We are mailing these INTERNATIONALLY! You will have 3 weeks to sell as many copies of this book as you can!
  • Upsell #1 is our brand new course called “Millionaire Mentor.” This is an amazing VIDEO SERIES where I literally mentor someone through the process of becoming a millionaire!
  • Downsell #1: We will offer a 50% discount on Millionaire Mentor by removing the BONUSES that come with this course…
  • Upsell #2 is my BRAND NEW Masterclass that I’m releasing in September — it’s called “The eSCAPE Masterclass” — This is an 8 WEEK intensive course that they take with me guiding LIVE Classes, weekly. They will be getting a STEEP discount for buying this during the launch! Earn up to $238.50 in commission just for this one product!
  • Downsell #2: If the customer chooses no to our BIG discount on the Masterclass, we will then allow them a chance to STILL grab the big discount by going to a 3 payment plan at just $177!

The bottom-line is that we’ve got an amazing funnel and even more amazing PRODUCTS to back it all. So, rest assured, your subscribers are going to be well taken care of!

But, now let’s talk about the FUN stuff, ready?

Instead of only giving away cool prizes to the “Top 10” contest winners, we decided to make TWO different versions and allow you to compete with everyone and control your own destiny at the same time!

EVERYONE will win at least some prize. EVERYONE.

Register as an Affiliate Now!

Everyone has a chance to get their hands on OVER $150,000 in prizes.

Contest #1 — This is your typical, traditional — TOP 10 contest. Sell more than everyon else, win COOL Prizes (Including one of 3 cars)…

But, we’re not done yet!

Contest #2 is even BETTER — This one is a “Control Your Own Destiny” Contest in which your own sales determine what you win and you’re GUARANTEED that prize. To qualify. All you have to do is give away just 10 BOOKS!

Now, with over $100,000 on the line — I want you to know the FINE-PRINT up-front!

Contest Rules:

  • All the car prizes have a minimum sales required or else you bump to lower prize on the list that you qualify for. This is just fair, right?
  • You can only win ONE of the two contests — sales leaderboard or control your own destiny — whichever carries the highest value…
  • NO NEGATIVE MARKETING — prizes 100% taken away — no discussion.
  • Prizes will be paid out 30 days post the day that the launch ends — this way we can protect ourselves with fraud…
  • We hold the right to evaluate your lead quality and conversions and re-consider prizes if we suspect foul play!

That’s it — nothing too bad right? Just fair stuff!

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“Hi I am Laura Mason. I live in USA.I have done my MBA in Marketing, I love Music and photography”

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